“Use your God-given gifts well and wisely, to earn all you can, that you might practice frugality and save all you can, that you might have more than enough so that you are able to give all you can.” John Wesley

Theology of Stewardship

Stewardship is not just about the church’s need to receive; it is about our need to give. Stewardship is not just about fundraising; it is about discipleship.

We are created in the image of God, who provides abundantly and faithfully. We are most like God when we give out of a spirit of gratitude and generosity. We live in a world of scarcity, but God lives in a world of abundance. Stewardship means living a lifestyle of abundance in which we earn all we can, save all we can, and give all we can for the glory of God.

Practicing Biblical Stewardship

At the Foundation, we encourage and empower individuals and churches to thrive by putting stewardship into action. Here are some of the ways that the Foundation helps individuals and churches to practice biblical stewardship.

Personal Stewardship: Getting our own financial house in order liberates us for a life of faithful discipleship. The Foundation provides resources and services to help individuals learn and practice personal stewardship.

Corporate Stewardship: Churches promote stewardship by modeling sound financial practices and fostering a culture of generosity. The Foundation provides education, services, and consulting to help clergy and church leaders to develop strong stewardship programs and healthy financial systems.

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