“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.” (Matthew 13:31-32)

Just as the tiny mustard seed grows into a large plant, planned gifts such as bequests, life income arrangements, gifts of real property and gifts of other appreciated assets can grow into substantial endowment funds that will nourish and sustain local church ministries far into the future.

Churches may establish endowment programs to fund specific ministries, missions, scholarships, facility maintenance and improvements and/or general (undesignated) funds, which can be tapped as special needs arise.

The Foundation can assist churches plan, organize, and manage their endowment programs in a number of ways:

  • The Foundation assists, free of charge, local churches and conference agencies in establishing permanent endowment committees and funds for the purpose of ensuring that God’s ministries will continue for generations to come.
  • Through an Investment Management Agreement, the Foundation will invest endowment funds or other permanent funds on behalf of churches or related institutions.
  • The Foundation, as a not-for-profit organization, is legally authorized to serve as trustee in the administration of charitable trusts created for the benefit of a United Methodist institution. Trustee services include professional management of trust assets; record keeping and reporting, accounting and regular payment of income to the donor or other beneficiaries.
  • The Foundation provides Charitable Gift Annuities to individuals who wish to give a meaningful charitable gift to their church and, at the same time, retain the security of regular income payments over their lifetime.

Click here to download the Foundation’s Planned Giving Handbook.

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